Having been warned by our colleague Ettore Scola, we, a grouping of European film-makers, find it scandalous that the Cinecitta studios, a centrepiece of world cinematographic heritage, are under threat from property speculators, and being shamefully considered with as little regard as a car park or a supermarket.  Must this place, inseparable from the cinema of Fellini, Visconti, Comencini and Lattuada among others, be destroyed and replaced by a fitness centre?  Weight loss at the expense of heritage and culture – how symbolic – not even Berlusconi dared do something similar.

European cinema professionals call for each and every one of us to get involved to save this cradle of European cinema and demand that the European authorities act quickly and responsibly to protect and class this historic cultural monument.



Alertés par leur confrère Ettore Scola, les cinéastes européens sont scandalisés de constater que les Studios Cinecitta, haut-lieu du patrimoine cinématographique mondial, sont mis en péril pour des motifs spéculatifs, et honteusement considérés avec aussi peu d’égards qu’un parking ou un supermarché. Est-il urgent de détruire ce lieu inséparable du cinéma de Fellini, Visconti, Comencini, Lattuada, entre autres, pour construire un centre de fitness ? Maigrir aux dépends du patrimoine et de la culture, tout un symbole : même sous Berlusconi, ils n’avaient pas osé.

Les cinéastes et professionnels européens appellent chacun à la mobilisation pour sauver ce berceau du cinéma européen, et demandent aux autorités européennes d’agir rapidement et avec responsabilité, pour protéger  et classer ce monument historique de la culture.


First signatories / Premiers signataires :

Bertrand Tavernier, Michel Hazanavicius, Claude Lelouch,

Jean-Jacques Beineix, Patrick Braoudé, Christian Carion,

Philippe Clair, Dominique Crèvecoeur, Dante Desarthe,

Evelyne Dress, Michel Ferry, Philippe Garrel,

Costa Gavras, Cédric Klapisch, Gérard Krawczyk,

Jeanne Labrune, Radu Mihaileanu, Olivier Nakache,

Raoul Peck, Artus de Penguern, Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Jacques Richard, Jean-Paul Salomé, Coline Serreau

Abderrahmane Sissako, Pascal Thomas, Eric Tolédano…

…et tous les signataires.

Et aussi…

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Paris, le 11 juillet 2012


Cinecittà Film Studios are famous the world over as a centre of excellence. As well as its soundstages and its laboratories, it is because of the extraordinary expertise of its master builders and sculptors, its craftsmen and stagehands that some of the greatest European and international film productions have been realized in this legendary place.

Now Cinecittà is managed by privates whose business plan intends to dismantle most of its film activity in favour of the building of shopping centres, hotels, health and beauty centres and the likes – thus finally giving some of the region’s biggest building contractors their long-awaited chance to prey upon this national treasure of ours and turn it into a gigantic building site.

For this reason the undersigned film-makers are appealing to the President of the Italian Republic and to the Italian Prime Minister to intervene urgently in order to prevent this to happen and to make sure that Cinecittà and the Istituto Luce will return to being the landmark of world film production that they used to be as well as playing a major public role in the renewal and relaunch of Italian cinema.

Contact presse :

Marc Legrand – mlegrand [@] – 01 53 42 40 01

Liens :

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Souvenir de Cinecitta par Evelyne Dress

Souvenir de Cinecitta par Philippe Clair


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